The Contract Head - Signature Lacrosse

The One Complete Stick


The One Complete Stick

The One Complete stick comes ready to play with Signature's all purpose head, The Contract, laced up perfectly for beginner to advanced players. The Contract is on a black metal 30 inch shaft, with a black high butt end. 


The Contract

All Purpose Head - Tested and approved by NLL & NCAA Players across the country!

Using our Patented Delta Technology, We made the Most Durable Head in its Weight Class

4.8 ounces with a 12 month warranty. The Perfect Balance of Speed and Durability. #SignMeUp

*Includes 1 Contract Head, 3 Self Tapping Screw, 1 Key Chain, and 1 Ball Stop.



Magik Mesh Kit

TIGHT WEAVE™ technology, an advanced manufacturing process that weaves more fibers per square millimeter allowing for a tighter profile and better feel without sacrificing strength.

Longer Lasting



*Includes 1 piece of MAGIK MESH, 2 white shooting strings, and 5 pieces of white crosslace.